Confidentiality has always been the hallmark of The Family Survival Trust’s work.

The Trust offers discussion with ex-members, current cult members (if they are willing to talk and listen), and provides them with help and information to enable them to decide their own future. It speaks to families, friends, associates and anybody who requires information and advice in the field.

The Trust is fully aware of the extreme sensitivity of the information entrusted to it.

It will not release the individual case information in its files to anyone other than the client who made the enquiry, or, in rare circumstances, where the client permits the information to be shared with a third party. It treats as “privileged and confidential” the conversations and exchanges with clients in the same way that a solicitor or barrister does with his or her client.

However, the information in case folders or other, more accessible files does help us produce increasingly detailed profiles of the destructive cults and their techniques. We can and will say, when asked, whether we consider a particular group to be a risk to the safety or well-being of an individual or family.