The Family Survival Trust makes no charges for the information, advice and support it provides. We recognise the vulnerability and lack of financial means which affect many of the clients to whom we speak, and we refuse to dissuade them from talking to us because of any charges. People are free to come and go in their consultations with us as they please – we are well aware that people should not be made to feel obliged, and that they should be free in any decisions they make. This is vital where lives have been blighted and bullied by cults.

However, we welcome any support we receive. We are a charity and we do not seek nor do we care for making a profit: but we do, like all charities and non-profit organisations, have many costs to meet. We maintain a library of books at our office, and we need to pay office costs such as rent. The more financial resources we have, the more capable an organisation we can be. We host at least one conference every year (please see Events) and we would like to host more; we would like to be able to grow the telephone support we provide; and to expand the scope for face-to-face meetings which many clients find very helpful; we would like to grow the website and develop whatever other information resources we can. In particular, we would like to develop educational meetings, seminars, workshops and lectures.

All of these become more realistic with each donation. If you would like to make a donation, however small, please send a cheque (payable to “The Family Survival Trust”) and send it to:

The Treasurer
The Family Survival Trust
BM Box 2306
United Kingdom

Please make cheques payable in Pounds Sterling where possible. In the past, we have received generous donations in Euros and Dollars, but have found that the bank charges for depositing these often significantly reduce the amount which becomes available to the The Family Survival Trust.

Many thanks for your support.