How we can help you

The Family Survival Trust, a charity which has evolved from FAIR, was formed in November 2007 in order to help and advise the many families affected by abusive and totalitarian cults, sometimes masquerading as religions or ‘personal development’ groups.

The previous organisation, FAIR (Family Action Information Resource), came into being in 1976, in response to the cult concern of parents, families, politicians, professionals, academics and other individuals witnessing the recruitment of family, friends and associates into cults. FAIR provided an advisory service to help those cult parents, cult families and cult victims, and gave information to journalists, academics and interested members of the public. It also published FAIR News three or four times a year. In 2008, FAIR News Publishing (originally incorporated as FAIR News Publishing Limited) was incorporated to continue the publication and dissemination of FAIR News (

The Family Survival Trust is an independent organisation which deals with the many calls and messages for help or information it receives as quickly as possible. It is willing to talk to families and individuals affected by the loss of loved ones who have been recruited into abusive cults and totalitarian groups. It offers discussion with cult members if they are willing to talk and listen, in order to provide them with help and information which might enable them to decide their own future.

The Family Survival Trust never seeks out cult members, does not use any coercion, nor does it take part in any form of rescue from cults.

Information is constantly updated and shared in the UK and internationally. Public officials, journalists and academics consult with The Family Survival Trust on key issues. On request, The Family Survival Trust will provide information to any interested members of the public who seek to improve their cult awareness.