Letter to The Spectator
Tom Sackville


Letter to The Spectator, published August 2, 2015:

Dear Sir

Jane Kelly (�Teenage Terrors�) citing memories of Baader Meinhof, eloquently illustrates how easily young people are drawn to extremism. Those of us who have tried over the years to support families who have lost children to cults would go further. After dealing with hundreds of tragic cases, we have concluded that anyone, approached in the right way at the right moment, can be recruited and brainwashed in to turning against family and friends, espousing grotesque beliefs and putting themselves at the disposal of destructive individuals or organisations. We have always predicted that similar techniques could be used to turn people in to violent criminals. Isis has amply demonstrated this to be true.

Convincing officialdom has been an uphill struggle: it is thirty years since our Home Office found it convenient to decide that cults are �new religious movements�, and that brainwashing does not exist. This has handicapped government policy ever since. Now that we have a national emergency on our hands, we need to finally take action. This must include following the example of France and Belgium , and legislating to enable the identification and prosecution of the real criminals, those who ruthlessly exploit young minds for evil ends.

Tom Sackville

Chairman of Trustees

The Family Survival Trust

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